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Our website address is: https://www.emailsecurityawareness.com. Please contact info@emailsecurityawareness.com for any questions or privacy-related requests. This website is provided as a public service by Vircom Inc., an email security solutions provider. To learn more about Vircom’s privacy policy or to contact Vircom for privacy purposes, visit https://www.vircom.com/privacy-policy/ for more.

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When you submit an email to receive messages from us, it is only for the purpose of receiving an automation which delivers the content of this site in a more digestible format. If you would like us to delete your email, simply email infor@emailsecurityawareness.com and we will gladly comply.


We track website traffic using an analytics solution to improve the experience of the site and understand it’s overall interest and performance. No information that is tracked is personally identifiable.